Study programmes for school groups

May 22 2023

Study programmes for school groups

Study programmes for school groups

For a one week or two week English study trip. The Active English course provides 20 hours of tuition per week. In addition special interest workshops can be added to the programme. And extra-curricular field trips can be added to the programme, tailored to the interests of the group.

School teachers are experienced in exam preparation for the IELTS exam and the Cambridge exams. Also in preparation for the Abitur exam and for the Cycle Terminal of the Baccalauréat.

The study trip allows students to focus on in-depth language improvement and also to develop confidence in their use of the language and development of important study skills of collaboration, interaction etc in English.

The programme content is tailored to the interest of the group. Previous school groups have included engineering students, medical students, history/literature students.

Typical group size is around 10 students + 1 teacher.

Accommodation is with local homestay hosts.

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