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The course price shown is the price per week.

Intensive short course with coaching and revision for the Abitur exam.

Five days per week of full-time study.

Small classes of maximum 6 per class.

The course can be booked for any number of weeks.  Courses start on any Monday of the year.

The course price includes homestay accommodation with single room and half-board.


The course programme

Students can enrol on a tailor-made course to help them prepare for the ABITUR examination. The lessons are taught by highly-qualified teachers who have many years’ experience of teaching English literature and language analysis.

In their lessons, they develop and improve their ability to:

Reading Comprehension
• skim a text for global meaning
• scan and read a text in detail to identify specific meaning
• understand both explicit and implicit meaning of a text
• evaluate the effectiveness of the literary devices authors use to convey meaning
• extract relevant examples from a text to support their opinion and statements
• recognise authors’ opinions, tone and register
• identify how authors structure a text for maximum impact on the reader

• produce precise, organised and coherent summaries
• identify different perspectives and present several sides of an argument
• use a full range of cohesive devices to link their ideas and create a well-balanced essay
• adapt writing techniques to suit the genre of written text
• vary tone and register to suit the target reader
• understand the differences between formal and informal language

• summarise extracts of writing clearly and precisely
• develop their own ideas relating to the topic of the question
• use a wide and comprehensive range of vocabulary and discourse markers
• demonstrate excellent paraphrasing skills
• reproduce the main content of a text in their own words
• develop fuller understanding of global, social, intercultural and current affairs


Included in the course

    • Course lessons
    • Use of course materials
    • Use of school facilities, including tea and coffee
    • End of course certificate